Whatever you want from the visit, the Garden of England is packed with exciting attractions for everyone.

Taste the spray from the sea. Stroke wild ponies. Smell apple blossom. Take a pint of local ale with pastoral views. Rediscover you. Within hours you can, in Kent.

There aren’t many other places where London is so conveniently near, and yet feels so far away. Kent provides everything from very modern art exhibitions to very old heritage places. From romantic, short weekend breaks to entertainment-filled family trips. From relaxed, luxury spa breaks to fantastic cliff-top hikes. You're not going to be stuck for things to do in this great county. With its very fast links to London, Brussels and Paris, some people go right through Kent without thinking about it. But those who know about it appreciate that there are a thousand reasons to slow down and investigate.

Scotney Castle, Kent

In this county, the list of possibilities goes on, so we’ve brought them together into a few classic themes. Start your discoveries by going on the tabs at the top.

The diversity of Kent's sights, landmarks and activities is amazing - be enthused by our Things to Do pages. Or go to the Top Places to Visit in Kent for many more ideas.

Kent aims to be accessible to everyone and gives a wide range of facilities to welcome visitors with impaired mobility, disabilities and poor hearing or eyesight. 


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What can we do about the energy crisis locally in Kent?

We need to take more heed of the non renewable energy issues we are encountering today before it is too late. Unsustainable energy is energy that is taken from sources that are being eaten up faster than they can be topped up. Fossil fuels for example take millennia to form but it takes much less time than that to use them up. We need to save the energy sources we have at the moment and supplement or replenish them with sustainable energy sources such as sun, wind, water and biomass.

How have we gotten ourselves into this dire situation? The answer exists in technological lack of efficacy, industrial growth and a rise in demand due to the rise in the population on the earth. The world’s energy problems can be resolved. It is not too late yet.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy incorporates digging into the centre of the Earth. This is clearly easier said than done and much more expensive than some of the other kinds of renewable energy we have available. Biomass energy involves gleaning energy from bio materials from living, or things which have been recently living. Biomass energy can be grown from several forms of flora including switch grass, hemp, sugarcane, willow, poplar and corn to name only a few of them.

This sounds like a simplified solution to our energy issues but there is some discussion over the use of crops which can be eaten as fuel, with a large proportion of the world dying of famine. Is it the best to use recently discovered fecund land in nations with large percentages of its people having limited food resources, to grow plants for biofuel? Water, wind and solar energy are great sources to help us solve our fixation with non-renewable energy forms. All are mostly impossible to cut down on and with the world’s consumption of energy as it is, this is precisely what we are in need of.

How to learn more about renewable solutions

If you wish to learn more about how we can deal with these non renewable energy problems, the web is full of resources. The internet can give you anything from basic explanations of each of the different sources of both non-renewable and renewable energy. You can find the advantages and disadvantages of each type and the most recent progress in harvesting green energy sources.

You can even discover online resources that allow you to work out, for free, your own solar and wind details if you are now using these sources of energy. Search for “solar and wind estimator” or anything along those lines. You will be surprised by what you can find!